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In order to address the concerns of gaining visibility and controls on user activity in the network, Cyberoam UTM's Layer 8 technology over its network security appliances (UTM appliances and Next Generation Firewalls) has been derived out of the need for a more robust network security system which can include a user's human identity as part of the firewall rule matching criteria.

By definition, Cyberoam Layer 8 Technology over its network security appliances treat user identity the 8th layer or the "human layer" in the network protocol stack. This allows administrators to uniquely identify users, control Internet activity of these users in the network, and enable policy-setting and reporting by username.


  • Identification of attackers/victims with username
  • Instant visibility for administrators into source of attacks
  • Controlling who is doing what in the network
  • Allowing creation of identity-based policies
  • Reporting to track identity-based usage, problems, intrusions and so forth.
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